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Monday, Dec 11, 2017


Sound weaves Internet, music shakes Globe


By Shen Zhuowen │ Edited by Patricia Guo

English translation provided by BC-English Editorial Group

From December 7th to 8th, after the Fourth World Internet Conference finished, there was another vital ceremony, the Second World Internet Musical Competition called “Feng Zikai Cup” coming right here and held successfully at the Tongxiang campus of CUZ. The competition has attracted worldwide musicians, which could use music to make new friends and communicates with each other from all around the world positively by breaking the distance limit. Moreover, the competition is inclusive of not only four academic lectures, three summits and an award ceremony, but also gathering the musical highlight of the world such as equipping with a marvelous band singing to help offer a hot atmosphere to keep the show active.

At 4:30 p.m., the award ceremony of World Internet Musical Competition which theme was “music shakes Earth” was held in a small theatre in Tongxiang campus.

Many VIPs attended this ceremony. To name a few, Vice-Chairman Huang Chengqing from Chinese Internet Association, Secretary of the Party committee Yang Liping from CUZ, Party Secretary Sheng Yongjun from Tongxiang, Chairman Jiang Huiling from Tongxiang’s Political Consultative Conference and Chairman Liu Xiangde from the North American Musical Association which was a sponsor for the competition al attended.

Additionally, a Chairman called Zheng Jimin from International Chinese musician Federation, a famous composer as well as musician from Germany who is a creator of Chinese new art music and a promotion ambassador called Lao Luo, a vice editor called Zhang Meng from a magazine named people music, a professor from Shanghai Conservatory of Music as well as a Chairman from the jury of this competition called Chen Qiangbin and so on also took part in the ceremony. Even the grandson of Feng Zikai, Song Xuejun came to the ceremony in person and talked about the achievements in music field that Mr. Feng attained to everyone. As a result of their attendance, the ceremony became more vigorous and enthusiastic.

First of all, Yang Liping of CUZ made a speech in which she said that international competitors, different kinds of entries and network stage of the competition were regarded as the mainly feature of this World Internet Musical Competition. The competition will always insist on the principle that contains all the ingredients of open, equality and justice to provide musicians with a reliable stage that can communicate and cooperate with each other. By gradually building such a huge platform, the internet and music will be fused together and promoted to a better condition more naturally. Without hesitation, CUZ will definitely keep pace with the musicians from all over the world who devote their lives to music career and endeavor to set up a colorful and characteristic music world in the spacious internet.

At the same time, the teachers and students major in music from ZUMC acted an outstanding program that was a part of national musical called Red Boat describing a spirit that Communist Party of China is brave and not afraid of sacrifice for the development of our own country. It also brought lots of meaningful things from the acting. After their performance, the audience all broke into applause and gave a good respond.

In general, this activity will surely push Chinese music forward to get on the direction to the age of Internet. As the time passes by, Chinese music will ascend to a higher level by basing on the depth of Chinese tradition, receiving power from continuous creation and absorbing experience from both our failures and foreign countries’ success. Therefore, we can get the key to enter the door of a new erato meet a bright future throughout the internet. Eventually, Chinese music will be a shiny star standing upon the stage of world via balancing the combination between tradition and innovation perfectly.


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