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Monday, Oct 30, 2017


2017 "FLTRP Cup English Speaking Contest" Zhejiang Session held in CUZ


By Wang Kefan │ Edited by Lolitta Huang

English translation provided by BC-English Editorial Group

From 27th to 29th October 2017,the 12th College Students English Speaking Contest of Zhejiang Province as well as the 2017 “FLTRP Cup English Speaking Contest” Zhejiang session was grandly held in CUZ.The contest was sponsored by Zhejiang Education Bureau of Zhejiang Province and “FLTRP”, undertaken by Foreign Language and Literature Professional Steering Committee of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee and Zhejiang University, which attracted 158 participants from 55 universities in Zhejiang Province.

The session finals officially kicked off on the morning of October 29th.The Party secretary Yang Liping, the vice-president Yang Rongyao,the principal of “FLTRP”in Zhejiang session Zhai Jiaqi and other related leaders from School of Cultures and Communications attended the opening ceremony. In addition, He Lianzhen and many other well-known provincial-level professors were invited to take up a position as judges .

In opening remarks, Yang expressed great congratulations to the students,teachers and schools who had made it to the finals. Meanwhile, she made a brief introduction of Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ). She introduced six school-running features of CUZ. She also mentioned that it was one of the main bases for cultivating radio and television and other media professionals which made it a yearning place for graduated senior students all over the world.First and foremost, she stated that CUZ had accumulated lots ofexperience and formed its unique education style, consisting of six sections, namely, provincial total construction, caring leadership, media characteristics, double fusion, university-industry cooperation and school fellows. 

Yang Liping aslo mentioned in the ceremony, at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping pointed out that China has made further progress in diplomacy on all fronts, has championed the development of a community with a shared future for mankind and has encouraged the evolution of the global governance system. President Xi also offered proposals to us: to strengthen people-to-people and culture exchanges with the principle of taking ourselves as the Lord; to improve the soft power of national culture. To strengthen cultural links between China and foreign countries, We need to build up the construction of international communication capacity, volunteer to be a pre-eminent Chinese storyteller and show real stereoscopic comprehensive China to the foreigners who had unbearable prejudice against our country. Therefore, in the critical period of entering the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it's our responsibilities to learn, master and make use of English language as well as possible. 

As is known to us all, "FLTRP Cup English Speaking Contest” is the greatest Speaking competition in terms of English, which is a significant platform for all national college students to display their youthful styles and achieve self-worth. Thus she expressed best wishes to explore and clear the ways and directions of college English teaching reform easier and better in the new period, also,to improve the level of college English teaching through this contest.

As it’s generally scheduled, the competition was divided into two sections, selective trials and quarter finals. According to the arrangement, the first content was the sdi speech, in which the top 50 percent of the contestants would have the chance to enter the rematch one. Considering the rules and system,it consisted of impromptu speeches and answering questions. What’s more, at the section of impromptu speech, contestants wereasked to answer the questions that were raised by foreign teachers according to the speech contents. In addition, each contestant would have a quick quiz to test their ability to improvise and spoken English skills.

After a fierce competition, 12 contestants won the first prize, 25 won the second  and 36 won the third . Liu Yanjun, Jing Linghan, Zhang Piaoxue and Yang Chenglang who were the students of CUZ had the honour to attain the first prize, which won great honor for our school. Liu yanjun, Zhang Piaoxue who stood out during the debate competition,would go to Beijing for the “2017 FLTRP Cup National English Speaking Contest” with Jiang Wei from Hangzhou Dianzi University on behalf of Zhejiang Province .

In the interview, Liu Yanjun,a student of Class 15 majoring in Bilingual Broadcasting of International class, said that through this competition, she had got valuable experience, which not only enriched her knowledge reservation, but also stretched her brain. She also indicated that she would cherish every opportunity to improve her integrated quality. Zhang Piaoxue, a student of Class 14 majoring in English and Chinese Bilingual Broadcasting, expressed that she was satisfied with her performance and absolutely kept a relaxing and steady mood during the entire process. Besides, she hoped to make more innovation breakthrough in the national contest, to win honour for Zhejiang University of Media and Communications and for Zhejiang Province. 


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