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Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017


CUZ organises the first mini Marathon

First mini Marathon successfully organised on CUZ sportsground


By Miao Shuxiang │ Edited by Sun Lin

English translation provided by BC-English Editorial Group

The first Mini Marathon of CUZ which covered the distance of 5 kilometres, started at the same time on the 23rd November in the Xiasha and Tongxiang campus, with 3,165 students taking part in total—Tongxiang 1882 while Xiasha 1283. They were required to follow a designated route and pass checkpoints, thus achieving their mark via authentication system at final, reported by our Omni Media Centre.

The radios were all at work that night and we could hear the cheerful and encouraging music reverberating throughout the campus. With glow sticks in hands smiling and laughing, thousands of people gathered at the playground and enjoy the pleasure of collective activity, of exploiting their potential, of doing their utmost. This event received much support from our school, which had our students well protected by patrol cars. Volunteers could be found almost everywhere.

Soon, on the western part of Tongxiang stadium—the first checkpoint, came the first batch of athletes, where volunteers showing them the way. “We provide ginger tea at every checkpoint.” said Gao Chenyu, a volunteer of the event, who was busy distributing water to athletes, while under our interview. Every student is endeavouring, and so dedicated that they can hardly spare time to have water. In the run, they encouraged each other, thus creating invisible bonds among them. Troops, in this respect, was something like a glowing Great wall in the darkness.

‘The materials were blocked halfway’, said Yu Sha, who was in charge of the event on Tongxiang campus. They have been preparing it since 5 p.m. ‘So, we immediately implement the emergent plan that we called our leader and purchased the goods as a substitution for the former one, which took great effort to layout. Luckily we made it.’ She also admitted that although the process was arduous, they were all pleased since it ended perfectly.

Well prepared as well as properly designed, such campus activity, under the leadership of ‘Official Microblog’ and School Office, distinguished itself by comparison with other events. ‘We received much support from our school’, accounted by Wang Zhichao, who was fully in charge of this activity, also the vice president of the Press Corp in Official Microblog. ‘We hold this event mainly to fashion after the spirit of the 19th national congress of CPC central committee. It is centred on people’s health, thus promoting the deep integration between national fitness and national health. In addition, when acting as a creation of strong atmosphere of sport, such an activity would appeal to more and more students to go outside, where exists the most fascinating beauty.’

Sun Zhiyi, an Information Management freshman, also a runner, was the first person to cross the finish line and had a great difficulty in helping his ecstasy. As a person who is fond of sports, he was extremely excited about the event and signed up the moment he received the message from his classmates. From his perspective, this event was of great success and various in forms, which effectively enhance our awareness of physical exercise. By the way, the credit of extracurricular class is also appealing.

“It requires persistence and perseverance to run, since 5 kilometres was not a small number.” Said Wang Yilin, majoring in Television Profession. “Our genuine encouragement to each other is the best thing that I will cherish forever. Chilly as it is, we never feel cold.” 

According to most athletes’ opinions. What figured prominently in the run is not so much the result as what we learnt from it. In the endeavouring, maturing and persisting, in the enjoyment of their vigour, they kept moving on. In the meantime, however, everybody present was indeed a dream-chaser—an unyielding man uttering from his inmost point to chase after their dreams. A man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. At that time every individual was the true of the word.

In the interweaving of light, sweat, laugh and joint effort, the first Mini Marathon of CUZ finally marked its perfect ending.         


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