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Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018


CUZ holds Zhejiang Job Fair 2018

Job hunting season has arrived on the CUZ campus


By Xu Ruoqing │ Edited by Emma Jin

English translation provided by BC-English Editorial Group

To carry out and implement relevant public policy on graduate employment for a further survive to employers and graduates, as well as aiming to establish a supply and demand platform, Zhejiang 2018 Job Fair was held in CUZ.

Employment is the foundation of the construction of people`s live. The departments concerned consider importantly of the graduate employment, as some leaders were presented at the fair.

One of the presented leaders Ding Songquan expressed the active demand of the human resource in this fair,while varieties of companies gathered here in search of qualified talents and government engaged more in introducing policies to stimulate graduate employment.

At 8:30am, the recruiter from various companies arrived successively.

The manager of the China News Agency, Zhu Weiwen showed their want in talented students who are good at communication and have a clear mind, no matter whether he majors in relevant profession. A student equipped with work experience in school union or school club could win recruiter`s favor,while they have richer life experience and can get into the job more easily.

Compared with EE-MEDIA,who had taken part in the job fair several times, Hengdian Group was the first time, however they both highly recognized the capacity of our student and praised the artistic atmosphere of our school. Meanwhile,the manager of the Hengdian Group suggested that they valued the student`s interest more resulting from the belief that interest brings a sense of accomplishment.

Apart from the recruiter,the senior students were the protagonist in this job fair. Confronted with graduation and the employment issue, they searched for a preferable job in crowd with piles of resume grasped.

Besides, quite a few of sophomore students joined in this job fair in search of a suitable internship opportunities to widen their field vision and strengthen their competent.

A sophomore student Lu Chenxi said, "for I am majored in bilingual broadcasting, I am trying to find an internship job involved in English to enhance my language expressive competence and accumulate experience for my further job".

During this job fair, six typical entrepreneurial tutors were invited to show up, providing students some employment guidance, including resume diagnosis, career planning, workplace analysis and entrepreneurial guidance.

An activity was held at the playground in order to recommend student to the company. On the one hand, some students`resumes would be showed to the public. On the other hand, recommendation would be sent to suitable companies according to the student's objective employment direction and personal situation in the form of official recommendation and self-recommendation letter.

The most welcomed activities at the playground were the seventh college student resume design competition. An excellent resume can attract company. A well designed resume can not only highlights the student's characteristic, but also appeals to the company.

It is repoted that this job fair eventually attracted 836 companies to show up, which came from 13 provinces in China and providing up to 13000 positions, including reporting, broadcasting, hosting, interviewing, and so on. On the other side, there were more than 10000 students joining in this job fair and nearly 22000 resumes were sent to the employers. Finally, 3300 students will come to a primary internship agreement with employers.


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