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Friday, Mar 4, 2016


British Film Experts Visited and Praised ZUMC

On March 1, experts from British film and television industry, officials of British Consulate General in Shanghai visited ZUMC


By Phillip Sun │ Edited by Emily Wang

English translation provided by BC-English Editorial Group

On March 1, experts from British film and television industry, officials of British Consulate General in Shanghai, accompanied by the leaders of Zhejiang Department of Human Resources and Social Security and Provincial News Bureau, paid a visit to ZUMC to discuss advanced workshop of film production and Chinese & Britain Film and TV Summit Program, reaching a consensus in multi-level cooperation for the future.

Mr. Rod Caird, the consultant of British Independent Filmmaker Association, Mr. Rubin Shah, the head of British Connected Fish, Ms. Fu Yi, senior trade & investment officer of UK Trade and Investment, and Chen Guangli, Regional Senior Officer of British Consulate General in Shanghai, made a friendly conversation with ZUMC. Chen Hualiang, Deputy Director of Technical Office and Li Yong, Deputy Head of Training Center of Zhejiang Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Yan Pingying, Section Chief of Personal Division and Li Jun, Deputy Chief of Development Division (Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Division) of Provincial News Bureau all attended the discussion.

Professor Xiang Zhongping, the President of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications introduced ZUMC’s profiles in running characteristics, discipline construction, talents cultivation in media, film and television, professional training, strategic cooperation in television, radio and television industry and international cooperation in running schools to the experts. He emphasized the application of advanced workshop of film production and China & Britain Film and TV Summit Program of the university, hoping to absorb opinions and ideas of each expert on site on the abundant preparation, to make this program a brand with influence for not only the university, but also Zhejiang, even the eastern China and entire China, as well as a model for international cooperation of film media.

The experts extended full affirmation and praise with deep impression on Zhejiang University of Media and Communications as a top film & TV university via this trip. They understood the constant innovation and development of Chinese film media through this trip to China. They also reached consensus on the upcoming cooperation program in aspects of cooperation pattern, innovation of content, etc.

The British Independent Filmmakers Association has 600 member units responsible for production and distribution of film and television. The consultant, Mr. Rod Caird has a rich experience in movie production for more than 40 years, as he once shot numerous influential documentaries through cooperation with theUnited States,Canadaand other countries. This is the first time for him to visit China, and the field trip to ZUMC benefits him a lot. He hopes to cooperate and communicate with our university sincerely, to foster diversified international film and television talents via increasing the storytelling and creativity to promote the quality of film and television industry.

The forum is hosted by the Vice President Yang Rongyao, and attended by Chen Linbin, Head of Dean Office, Zhang Jie, Director of International Exchange Centre, Bao Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of International Exchange Centre, Chen Jingyuan, Dean of School of Continuing Education, Li Jinlin, Dean of Film School, Lu Wei, Deputy Dean of School of Television Arts, and Huang Minggang, Deputy Dean of School of Journalism and Communication.

Previously, the experts, accompanied by Yang Rongyao and others, visited the multimedia integrated laboratory and

ZUMC’s400 m2 studio, understanding the daily using of multimedia integrated laboratory in details.


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