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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015


The First World Internet Music Competition Concluded


By Jenny Wang │ Edited by Jane Mao

English translation provided by BC-English Editorial Group

“Organised by the Committee of World Internet Music Competition, the Song of Internet in China is collecting the most exceptional works from the whole world.” This good news was announced by Xi Jianhua, Executive President of Internet Culture and New Media Working Committee of Internet Society of China, on behalf of Internet Society of China at the award ceremony for 2015 First World Internet Music Competition & “Chinese Impression” Music Composition Contest which was held at Tongxiang Grand Theater on the evening of November 22.

Since the successful hosting of the first World Internet Conference, the permanent home of the conference, Tongxiang, where Wuzhen is located at, welcomed the rise of Internet economy. As the second World Internet Conference is approaching, for the purpose of energetically expanding development of Internet music industry and promoting integrative development of art and technology in the field of music, the “2015 First World Internet Music Competition & ‘Chinese Impression’ Music Composition Contest” was organized under the planning by the Internet Society of China, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, North America Federation of Musician, Asian Cultural Exchange Society and Original Music Base of China (KuGou Music), and this competition was undertaken by School of Music of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, Internet Culture and New Media Working Committee of Internet Society of China, Tongxiang Musician Association, etc.

Mr. Cai Dasheng, a famous tenor, song with the compere impromptu along with musical tone; they acted in perfect unison, which won much applause of the audiences. Then, Bian Liunian gave an erhu performance of his original Rock Bach, making the field audiences feel once the combination of Chinese and Western music. Robert Wells, a “national treasure” level musician, world top pianist and composer, played Chinese Moon and Rock Beethoven, igniting the whole audience again.

The competition totally received 550 music pieces from all over the world since the formal launching in August this year; entry application, competition entries and audios of competitors were conducted through Network, which broke restriction of province and city and even national boundaries. After network voting and committee expert review, 80 pieces of works including Disaster, Love Dali, Riding a Horse to Get over Three Barriers, Wuyi Alley, Ghost Festival, Fall in Love with a City, etc. won the first, second and third prizes, award of excellence and nominee award of electronic music composition group and original pop song group.

Present members at the award ceremony included: Li Yunlin the Deputy Secretary General in charge of education of Provincial Government, Yu Yongming the Deputy Director-general of Provincial Education Department and other provincial leaders of related departments; Peng Shaojian Secretary of the Party Committee, Xuan Yufang the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Tang Zhaowu and Zhan Chengda the Vice-president, Yang Linshu the Section Chief of Organization Department and Ye Mengdi the Section Chief of Publicity Department of our university; members of Internet Society of China, members of Party committee, People's Congress, government and Political Consultative Conference of Tongxiang City; and principals of relevant schools of music all over the country. Some leaders presented prize for the winners. Xi Jianhua awarded letter of appointment to judges of this competition at the evening party.


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