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Sunday, Oct 18, 2015


ZUMC Party Secretary Peng Led a Delegation to Africa Receiving Interview from President Zanzibar

ZUMC Secretary Peng Led a Delegation to Africa and Received an Interview from President of Zanzibar


By Tina Zhang │ Edited by Rong Wang

English translation provided by BC-English Editorial Group

Peng Shaojian, the Secretary of the Party Committee of ZUMC and the delegation of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications led by him, totally 5 people, received an interview from Mr. Shein, the President of Zanzibar of Tanzania at the Office of the President on October 16, 2015. President Shein gave a warm welcome for the arrival of the delegation , and indicated that today’s meeting means the starting of cooperation and hoped for cooperation in more aspects in the future. Makamay, the Minister of State at Office of the President of Zanzibar, Ali, the Minister of Education, Riel, the President of Zanzibar National University, and Chen Li, the Consul of China’s Consulate General toZanzibaralso jointed the interview.

At the beginning of the interview, Mr. Ali, the Minister of Education of Zanzibar introduced his journey in our university in September to President Shein and basic situation of cooperation between our university and Education Department of Zanzibar since 2014; up to now,Zanzibarhas had 21 students receive professional learning inSchoolofBroadcast Announcing Artsof our university. President Shein expressed thanks to our university for the support provided to educational business ofZanzibar, and hoped to discuss more cooperation models with our university. Peng Shaojian, the Secretary indicated that friendship between China and Tanzania is a memory of times for generations of Chinese as China and Tanzania have established diplomatic relations for 51 years; and Zhejiang University of Media and Communications will do all to help Zanzibar to develop cooperation in school education, training of radio and television personnel and other aspects, except admission of overseas students.

Originally as an English colony, Zanzibar declared independence in 1963. People’s Republic ofZanzibarwas founded in 1964, and organized into United Republic of Tanzania withTanganyikain the very same year. In the name of United Republic of Tanzania, “tan” indicatesTanganyikainland, and “zan” indicatesZanzibarIslands. Tanzania adopts the “one country , two systems” policy, and the President of Zanzibar is elected by people and serves as the First Vice President in the coalition government according to agreement; and the coalition government gets hold of national defense, foreign affairs, post and telecommunications, as well as civil aviation. The People’s Republic ofZanzibaris in high degree of autonomy, with its self-organized government being responsible for interior administration, finance, economy, foreign trade, bank, culture and education, health, news and justice. Xi Jinping, the Chinese President has met with President Shein for many times.

President Shein gave lilac – the national present of Zanzibar - to the Secretary Peng as the gift, while Secretary Peng gave a scroll On My Modest Room written by Professor Cai Han to Mr. President as the present and explained the four sentences – “No matter how high the mountain is, its name will spread far and wide if there is a fairy; no matter how deep the water is, it will be vibrant if there is a dragon.” President Shein thought that artistic conception of the four sentences quite agrees with characteristics ofZanzibar.

Members of the delegation participating the interview included Lei Weijun, the Section Chief of Social Cooperation Section, Bao Guiying, the Section Chief of Finance and Planning Section, Liu Lijun, the Vice Dean of School of Broadcast Announcing Arts and Zhang Jie, the Section Chief of International Communication and Cooperation Section. After the interview, Ministry of Education of Zanzibar arranged us to visit the Ministry of Education of Zanzibar,Zanzibar Middle School,China’s Consulate General toZanzibarandZanzibar National University; and Ali, the Minister of Education hosted a dinner for the guests fromChina.

Zanzibar State Television and broadcasting station reported this interview.


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